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The cards can be manipulated and placed on top of each other to see all of the systems together or they can be looked at one at a time to focus on each individual system While some of it was over my 3-year-olds head, he still enjoyed the bookPlease see my disclosure policy.We are diving headfirst into learning about the human body this summer (just for fun)! After our blood demonstration, the boys are especially intrigued! Here are some of our favorite books about the human bodyas well as some that were new to us!The Amazing Human Machine by Lori CEach page talks about a different part of the body (head, eyes, ears, chest, stomach, legs & arms, and handsSeuss (Theo LeSieg was his pen name when his books were illustrated by others), isnt going to teach your child any great science, but it will be a fun read aloud that can be enjoyed before a book with deeper contentBe sure to look for My Skin, My Muscles, My Bones, and My HeartWe ownALL of these books and I highly recommend them! Level 1 is best for Pre-K/K while level 2 is great for K-2nd gradesDid you like this post? Get even more freebies!Join 100,000 readers and get access to our exclusive subscriber library

This series of books is another great series for 1st and 2nd graders to pick up and read on their ownFrizzle takes her students inside their magical school bus, and inside their friend Arnold! They explore Arnolds digestive system hands-on!My First Human Body Book by Donald MHear Your Heart, by Paul Showers This book is a little long for young preschoolers, but its about right for kindergarten through second gradeCurry How Do Your Lungs Work? by DonThe problem? The ships inventor and Phoebes friend are on the ship!The Everything KIDS Human Body Book by Sheri AmselWhat happens after you swallow your food? Why do you need air? Why is your blood red? Discover fun facts about everything relating to the human body in this straightforward and informativeLittle Explorers: My Amazing Body by Ruth MartinIdeal for early elementary, this body book for little explorers is hands on and full of flaps, with engaging content and images.Human Body: A Book With Guts! by Dan GreenLearn about the human body through fun characters explaining the human body in a first person way.My First Human Body Book (Dover Childrens ScienceFirst Human Body Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference Series)Inside Your Outside: All About the Human Body&More Great Human Body Book SuggestionsWhy I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, and Yawn by Melvin BergerWhy DOES your body sneeze, shiver, hiccup, and yawn? Help your early elementary students learn about these natural reflexes with this helpful picture book.Inside Your Outside: All About The Human Body by Tish RabeThe Cat in the Hat takes Sally and Dick on a ride through the human body where they visit the different parts of the brain and scuba dive through the blood system!The Busy Body Book: A Kids Guide To Fitness by Lizzy RockwellHow do your bones and muscles work? Your body can jump, skip, skate, walk, run

Silver & Patricia JThese are the books we found to read alongside our human body activities. Nonfiction Human Body Book Series Ill repeat what I said earlier in this book list: You do not need to getbooks in each book seriesBest Books on the Human Body for Kids What Happens to a Hamburger?(a Lets Read & Find Out Science book about the human digestive system)by Paul Showers Kindergarten - 2nd grade A Drop of Blood(a Lets Read and Find Out Science series book about blood's vital rolein the human body)by Paul ShowersKindergarten - 3rd grade Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, and Yawn(Lets Read & Find Out Science book about how body reflexes help to keep us healthy)Kindergarten - 2nd grade Me and My Amazing Body (young girl guides readers on a tour of the human body)by Joan SweeneyPreschool - 2nd grade My Bodyworks(award winning picture book and 12-song CD that teaches about the parts of the human body)Kindergarten - 2nd grade Dem Bones (explores the skeletal system, using the folk song 'Dem Bones.')by Bob Barner 2nd grade - 4th grade Parts(a little boy panics about some bodily functions--great discussion starter)by Ted ArnoldKindergarten - 2nd grade My First Body Book(DK encyclopedia with accessible text and tons of pictures)by Christopher Rice1st grade - 4th grade From Head to ToeThe Amazing Human Body and How It Works--fun illustrations!by Barbara Seuling3rd grade - 5th grade Hear Your Heart(a Let's Read & Find Out Science series introduction to the human heart)by Paul Showers1st grade - 5th grade The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses(MrsIn this book, she addresses the main body parts with kid friendly language that even preschoolers can understandAlthough the book itself is pretty short, it contains quite a bit of informationFrizzle's class shrinks down and goes into the human body)by Joanna Cole 1st grade - 4th grade Bones(a science reader aboutthe body's skeleton) by Stephen KrenskyKindergarten - 1st grade Brain Games(a Let's Read and Find Out Science book on how germscan make you sick and how your body fights them off)by Melvin Berger1st grade - 3rd grade Kids Human Body Books by Seymour Simona whole series of books by "the dean of children's science writers" (NYTimes) about the human body for kidsI have had such a hard time finding some f5410380f0
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